Year For Life Graduation

The 'Year For Life' program has finally come to an end, and we are very proud of the four young men that were part of it for the first time; Jacques, Jason, Steve and Vince. Jacques, Jason and Steve, as well as Jacques Botha are all going to study for the ministry next year, and Vince, seen in this picture below, is going to study to be a chef. To show off his potential Vince baked all the cakes and stuff for the fellowship time after the service - thanks Vince, we are looking forward to eating your delicious food for years to come.

Even though Sugar, the popular church cat, wasn't part of YFL, he came to show his support of Vince's cooking by eating some of it before the service, for which he was punished by spending the time locked up in Glen's office - to his utmost disgust. He is seen here in this picture in typical fashion, spread out accross the top of the church stairs waiting for people to make a fuss of him...I tell you, he just loves to be adored!

Below are the books and CDs the guys went though during the year - I am sure that they have grown a heck of a lot! From left to right - Bible Overview, Church History, Systematic Theology, as well as listening to the whole Bible on CD in a year. I know that those that audited the classes have grown so much with just the one subject that they took part in over the year, how awesome to have done all of it. I do hope that future matrics will consider doing this 'Year For Life' as a 'gap' year after school.

Here, a 'cheesy' photo of Glen in the pulpit. I thought I'd put it in as I don't actually have another one like it, and he does have such a sweet face....doesn't he?

Dr. Kevin Roy, pastor of Muldersdrift Union shared a lovely message for us on the evening, and I was blessed to get this picture of him with his glasses on top of his head, which also is a typical Kevin!

Here is of course a silly picture of the YFL'ers and their teachers...

We are so proud of each and every one of you, and look forward as a church to see how God is going to use you all for the extension of His Kingdom.


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