Bonsai baby

On Saturday last week, when I got home from the hospital after the D&C, my sisters and my mom came to visit me. They flooded me with their love and concern. My younger sister Geraldine blessed me with this little Bonsai tree.

After a little more thought about the gift over the past week, I have realised that the gift is really a wonderful 'memorial' if you like of my little baby that was never got very big...just like this from now on I will remember when I look at this little tree, my little Bonsai baby....I know it sounds cheesy, but it has been a nice thought anyway.

We have really been so blessed through this trial, with so much love and care from our physical and spiritual families, and I just really want to praise the Lord for all the blessings He has given us in our lives. We truly are blessed beyond what we could ever abundance and in need.


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