Braais & Boeps

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day! As you might know, we have the Clevely's staying with us for a whole week! All I can say is that we are all having a great time. For the most part the kids are getting on really really well, which I did expect, but is still a relief - for some reason they are pairing off often, either Amanda and Caleb, Rachel and Aaron, or Amanda and Aaron, Rachel and Caleb. Hopefully they keep building on their friendship over this week so that when they are in NZ they will enjoy sending letters to each other to continue their ties.

As for won't be surprised to see Glen and Nick fooling around like usual...Craig this one is just for you!!! Don't you just miss them??

Lynn also had her camera out, as she has become quite the photographer, can't wait to see the pics she got!

This one is for free - focus on the ears! He could be the only one in the world who can do this one!

We are really excited for their move to NZ to start their new ministry, but not that excited to have to say goodbye to them again in a few days...for now though, we'll just keep enjoying each other!


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