First Baptism of the year

This last Sunday we had our first baptismal service of the year. We had three candidates: Zeny, Kevin and Tinyiko. 



Prayer for candidates - JJ prayed for Kevin, Chocolate prayed for her sister Zeny, and I (Antje) prayed for Tinyiko on the far right.

Tinyiko - excited

Zeny - blessed


Beautiful Princess Eden, with Pumlani teasing her behind her back...shame!
I love baptismal services...they remind me of my own commitment to Christ, and that He has made me a new creation. I have been born again - thanks be to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Oh, what peace to know that my sins have been paid for...and that I can now walk in newness of life - with the sure hope of eternal life with my Heavenly Father! Thank you Jesus!!


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