The voyage that shook the world

Last night we had an evening of exploring the life of Darwin through this documentary put together by Creation Ministries. We were very fortunate to have representatives from a few churches who joined us for a bring and share supper followed by this 'movie'. Dr. Kevin Roy, the pastor of Muldersdrift Union Church really led the evening and answered the questions comment I really liked in the beginning was that him and 'Professor' Thompsons would answer questions at the end...Glen being a professor because he professes to be a christian...

...I like that kind of humour...anyway, it was a great evening and very interesting to understand a little bit about Darwin and his background, and also where he made his mistakes...I am convinced that if he lived today he would have very different ideas, and most certainly different conclusions. So again, I am affirmed in my faith in the Word of God and in the only true Creator - Jehovah - the One and Only Living God!


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