Praise the Lord!

This was such a special moment...Glen was playing guitar and Sugar, as you can see was playing with...such a special kitty!

You may be wondering why I have a picture of a window on the blog today, well the reason is that I just want to praise the Lord for His protection over Amanda and Rachel yesterday. Both of them bumped into their bedroom's never happened before, but yesterday it happened twice - Amanda accidently rolled off her bed in the afternoon while she was drawing on her bed - she bumped her back, and the window cracked, but other than that she wasn't hurt. Then last night we had put the girls to bed, and Glen and I sat down to watch a movie, when we heard a bump sound and Rachel crying...we ran to find out what had happened. Rachel had climbed into Amanda's bed and somehow fell out of the bed into the already cracked window...we just praise the Lord that she didn't fall through it, and also that the pane of glass didn't fall on her seriously injuring her...she also has a bruised back, but thankfully she is also okay. When we looked at the window we were just blown away at God's mighty hand in their lives - thank you Father!


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