One of those days...

Today has not been a day to write home about...or for that matter to write on the blog about...I know that the posts are supposed to be a blessing to readers, and just the good stuff really, well, today, I haven't had much good to write about. The girls have been impossible, I have been moody, and have been wondering why it is that I am home-schooling again...I have these days more often than I thought I would - but I must tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel for usual I off-loaded on Glen, and he helped me to see God's hand in all of this, and that perseverance is the way to go - so that's exactly what I am going to do, endure the present sufferings for the joy that is to come. I do praise the Lord for allowing me to see some fruit every now and then, just enough to make me not want to give up on this mammoth task!

So there, another sanctifying day in the Thompson household!


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