"Skabenga-Bacon" visit

The Cunningham family, AKA Skabenga-Bacon family visited us last weekend. It was wonderful to see them again after a whole 2 years! These two years were evidenced by taller kids, and well, older parents - now that Malcolm has been in the ministry for 2 years, you can really see those serious adult lines starting to show...only kidding! Jacqui, of course, looks wonderful, and is still loving being a stay home, home-school mom and of course pastor's wife!

It was great having them in every way - the kids played beautifully together - Malcolm preached at KBC on Sunday morning, and Jacqui and I just chatted about all sorts of things.

It really was a super visit - we look very forward to seeing this beautiful family again! Thanks guys for a lovely weekend!!!


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