Baptismal Service

Yesterday morning the girls helped Aunty Suzie with this arrangement seen below, they really enjoyed putting it together and learning from a pro. Aunty Suzie told me this morning how she enjoyed teaching them, and how they were such good pupils - she also said that she would love to teach them how to arrange their own bouquets in the future - I of course am so keen for them to learn what I am totally hopeless at - thank you Aunty Suzie for your creativity and your gift to the church.

Val Botha, Jacques Botha's mom was baptised this morning,

...along with Koketso....

and Abigail.

We were blessed with a wonderful sermon on Acts chapter 2, where Glen expounded to us from the Scriptures all about the last Pentecost - what a wonderful portion of the Bible, which ties to so much of the Old Testament - there is much for us all to go and meditate on and be blessed by as we continue to search the Scriptures.

We are blessed to have these three sisters as part of us, and pray that God would continue to mould them and shape them into His likeness!


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nice pics.baptsims services I think are rather special.

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