Pink or Blue?

In reading the latest edition of 'Expectant Mother's Guide' I found an interesting article about an early gendre test which can accurately tell you what the sex of your baby is as early as 8 weeks into your pregnancy. Now, for those of you who know Glen and myself, you will also know that this test really appeals to us. However after more research I realised that it is not yet as readily available as I had thought, but with more research I did track down the people who do these tests, and so will definately consider doing this test once we have been for our first gynae appointment and checked out that everything is okay. The gynae appointment is only at 9 weeks.

I think the way the test works is that they test for the male hormone in your blood. If it's there, it's a boy...if not, it's a girl. In order for the test to work however, you must not have had a baby boy within the last 2 years, or a miscarriage in the last two years, as I suppose that traces of the boy hormone remains in the blood for that period of time.

I did ask if a blighted ovum would make a difference, and the lady I spoke to didn't seem to think it would be a problem, but I will do my homework on that before we decide to do the test.

Just so that you know, we may actually decide not to know at all, but rather to have the excitement on the day of delivery, where the midwife will cry out....'It's a boy!!!...or It's a girl!!!' - however that is most unlikely.


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