Redeemer Tree Calendar

We are so excited to finally have finished our Redeemer Tree Calendar. We have been working on this project all year with my mom during 'Granny Time', and finally it is completed. This calendar will be used along with our Redeemer Tree, which we have revamped and made our own from the original 'Jesse Tree'. Glen has put together all the readings for each day, and we have chosen the pictures to be reflected on the tree on each given day...from the 1st of December till Christmas morning. These little pictures will be found each day inside the pockets, with the reading of the day, and will then be hung on our Redeemer Tree. Each day will unfold more of the story of redemption from Creation to Christ's coming to make all things new! Isn't it pretty? We are so excited to have this become our new family tradition at Christmas time, and we hope to inspire more families to make Christmas a more Christ-focused memorable time!


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