Birthday Dinner

This year, for the girl's birthday celebration we decided that they could go to dinner with a friend. So Amanda invited a new friend Kyra, from choir and who also does Tapestry of Grace (the curriculum they are starting next year) and who will be part of the co-op with them next year. Rachel of course invited Leah. So on Saturday they had a huge treat - they went to the hairdresser and had their hair cut and styled and their nails painted (all this was a gift from Debbie in our church - Thank you so much Debbie & Cynthia), and then when the time came they got to dress up in their beautiful dresses and shoes and earrings, which were all gifts from their grannies. To top it off, they all got to have a table to themselves, and we had our own table around the corner out of sight.

From what we could tell the girls all had a ball ordering their own drinks and giggling about whatever they were giggling about all evening...

Thank you to everyone who made this evening so special for our girls!


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