Eden Update

Eden is growing so beautifully. At 6 weeks she weighs 4.66kg's. Now that may not mean a lot to you, but she has picked up almost a kilo in 2 weeks, which means that she is a healthy little baby! She is starting to smile - a lot - and is also starting to sleep through the night, which I am very happy about! She hasn't done it consistently yet, but in the past 3 nights she has done it twice, so I am sure that it will get more consistant with time. Although she battles a little with winds during the day, it is getting better - which I am also very thankful for!

We don't have her birth certificate yet, as we are still waiting for the social worker, and so we haven't yet added her to our hospital plan. Once that is done we can have all relevant pending tests done, to find out whether or not she is HIV positive etc. Will let you know when we know. Please keep her in your prayers!


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