New Little Addtion - 8 weeks

We had our first gynae visit this morning, and were very blessed to see a little baby being knitted together by our wonderful Lord, and then to hear the heartbeat was just awesome. My estimated due date was the 29th of March, and the estimated date according to the machine, which is still subject to change is the 3rd of April (my little sister's birthday). All is looking well, even though we had a bit of a scare with some spotting earlier today. Our prayers continue to go up before our God, that He would keep this little one safe, and that 'he' would one day know and love our Savior. He? you might say??? How do you know it's a 'he'. Well, we did an early gendre prediction test, and according to that it's a 'he', so until proven otherwise, it will be a 'he'.

Thank you to all those who have been and will continue to pray for us.


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