Jude is 1!

In typical Thompson tradition, we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to Jude early in the morning. He was already awake, but was so happy to have everyone fuss over him. The Martins were here, and although Craig and Lara stayed in bed...the kiddies celebrated with him...and had cake for 'first' breakfast. We had a proper breakfast when the adults got up :-)

What would a birthday be without the blessing of making a mess?

Here's the birthday boy on his cool bike!

Craig saying 'Happy Birthday'...or just pulling faces...not quite sure...but Jude was enjoying him anyway!

We had some visitors during the day...my older sister and mom...with Aydon, of course...who isn't in these pics...but he is getting oh so cute!

Mike, Stacey, Jono, Misha, Natasha and Candice also popped in to spoil my little boy - thank you all so much for loving Jude so much!!

Jude - we love you so much, and are so blessed that God gave you to us - our prayer is that you would grow up to love and serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and that you would serve Him with gladness and with zeal all the days of your life! You are a joy to us all!


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