Amazing Biscuit!

Our good friend Cheryl, who we know from our ministry in P.E., spent the last year in Australia, helping out at a Christian Campsite. She returned to S.A. on Monday afternoon, and spent a few days with us before leaving for her home this morning. Can you believe that I didn't even get one picture of her with us - absolutely shocking!!!

Anyway, she brought over these Australian favourites for us to try, and all I can say is "!!!" Of course she told us the Australian way to eat them, which, after trying it, is actually the ONLY way to eat Craig and Lara, if you haven't had them yet, you best go out and purchase a pack of these Tim Tam's and devour them in the following way.

First you delicately bite off both ends of the biscuit, and then you sip your coffee through the biscuit (a sip is all that is needed) then before it melts you put it into your mouth...and...well you'll have to try it to see what I mean.

I am so sad that our pack is finished, but I am sure that with enough hinting, Craig and Lara will bring some over when they visit in October!


Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Hey, I think we get those things here. I shall pay close attention in the biscuit aisle, and if found, follow your instructions. By the way, a peppermint crisp works well with coffee too instead of get a big chewy mess at the end but it's great. Watch out for fillings though!

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