Table Tennis

This is our latest form of entertainment. Glen and I decided to invest in our date nights, so instead of spending our evenings together watching a dvd, we decided that table tennis was something fun that we both enjoy, and we can chat while we're knocking the ball.

Glen and I of course are extremely competitive, but he definately has the upper hand to me in this game, so he beats me every time...well almost every time...this last Thursday night I did manage to take a game from him...but that's only because he played so badly. I did enjoy my minute of glory did feel nice to win.

On Saturday we decided to let the girls play a little, as Glen has been teaching them a little bit in his 'Special time' with them...they are not quite there, but I am sure in a few months they will be good enough to enjoy playing each other for points.

This table really has been a good investment, as the Year For Life'ers enjoy playing a few games in their breaks - Jacque Mulder is the reigning champion at the moment...but not for long!


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