Clay modeling

Being Friday, it was once again Granny time. The last few months, granny time with Granny Zan has been occupied with knitting squares for a baby blanket, which now we are more eager to put our combined efforts into of course, and she has also been doing some easy baking and cooking recipes with the girls. My mom has been focusing on working with clay, and she has found this new kind, which is really soft, easy to work with, and very light. This time the girls set out to make a little doll with the clay, and I don't know why, but everyone who has seen them asks if it's Noddy.

Here we are, the almost finished product, with only the buttons left to add. The girls really did have a good time making their masterpieces. I think the hat makes people think its Noddy - I personally don't think it resembles him at all!


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