Waterberg Holiday

We had been praying for a while that God would somehow provide for us to have a little break, as Glen was just needing some time off, and God did provide for us through friends to go on holiday with them to the Waterberg Game Park for a mid-week holiday - (Monday to Friday). We haven't really been on this kind of a holiday, where it's not just your family doing thier own thing, and even though that is really needed and very valuable, this holiday proved to be a wonderful blessing too. The girls had their friends to play with, and we had ours...really awesom.

If you are wondering who that boy in the picture is...his name is Kian (I think), and he managed to squeeze himself into our lives during the holiday - whether we wanted him to or not.
Due to the often windy weather outside, the kids had times of playing outside, and then some time watching TV (arrgghhh) and then some time outside, and then some time watching TV (arrgghhh)...thankfully allowances can be made on holiday, as it's not the norm.
So here we have the load of them bunched on a couch, enjoing the morning cartoons.

For those of you who haven't been properly introduced, these are our friends, Emiel and Lisa.

Here we are taking a lovely walk down to the shop, hoping to see some wildlife along the way.

I don't know what the point was of this trampoline, as they did more lying around it than actual jumping on it, but anyway, made for a cute picture.

Don't ask me what this little buck is called - Emiel was the expert on holiday, but he really is beautiful. He came right up to our chalet while we were cooking one afternoon.

I love this picture of Daniel...

...and this one of little Hannah, with her one little tooth...

There were so many different birds that kept us amused, they were so tame, and would literaly eat out of our chip bowls on the table when there was no one manning the fort. They even took pieces of sausage and bread off the table to devour...naughty little things! They were very cute though.

Now these two were really naughty, we had left our chalet open and the kids went in to go and play and quickly ran out to tell us that the monkeys were eating our bananas. Glen and Emiel hurried off to get them out. They ate most of our bananas, our rye bread, which they took out of the bread bin, and even ate some mini cheddars which were in a packet on the counter. They really left the place in a mess, and were there every day to check if they could find their way in again. This picture was taken the following morning, outside my kitchen window. I am sure that they were the same two monkeys, waiting for another opportunity to clean out old mother Hubbard's cupbourd.

This picture is just to give you an idea of the braais we had on holiday. More meat than we could consume, every day - the espetadas were especially delicious, and the pork rashes were the pregnant wives' favorite 'nibble'. Yummy!

Here's Daniel again, this time with a paddle ball ball in his mouth. This paddle ball was great fun on holiday, as we all had a go at getting it right. Lisa was the champion hands down!

Here are those two monkeys again...oh no sorry, those are our husbands - sitting on the kids jungle gym...

Rachel lost a tooth on holiday, and as you know the tooth mouse can't come to a place like this as there are too many wild animals, but we assured her that the tooth fairy would come instead as she was able to fly over all the animal's heads. Thankfully we were not wrong or we would have had a sad little girl on our hands.
On the second last morning, the weather was good enough for a little hike and so we took the shortest one, which was so lovely. Beautiful scenery with the occasional animal to admire from a distance.

We even saw a giraffe from real close, although the sad part was that it was dead. When we reported her after our hike, they were really sad to hear the news, as Trixy, had lost her little baby a few days before when it got caught in the electric fence. We don't know why Trixy died. Rachel especially was quite distraught and just wanted to touch it...shame...

What's a holiday without putt-putt? I think the kids did better than the adults!

Emiel spoiled us all with a hearty breakfast on the last morning before we left for home. What a blessing!

We just want to thank the Lord for wonderful friends and a wonderful time of much needed rest!


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