Glen...the man!

After Sunday night's sermon on the church at Leodecia, who were incedently a rich church, who had forgotten their need of their Savior, and were relying on their own strength and own wealth, and had basically left Jesus out of their worship...after that convicting sermon on letting Jesus in again, Glen slaughtered us all in a game of was ruthless, or should I say, he was ruthless, he spared none of us, he literally cleared the table, that is, he relieved us all of our money 'chips'...and enjoyed it thoroughly...

Obviously this is just a harmless game...and no real money was at stake - however I am sure that the thrill of winning can easily get the better of us all! And of us losers, well, we had to deal with our loss of not enjoying that thrill ourselves! Thanks guys for a great evening!!!

I must conclude by saying that the last round of the game, everyone had to play 'all in'. We all had to bet all we had and play our last that last round, I WON!!!! Still, Glen insists that he won the night...and well, I would have to agree, although it is fun to have a little of that thrill!


Craig Martin said...

For someone that has won he does not look too happy. Nice top though

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