Green eggs, no ham

After a wonderful afternoon with the Groblers, we decided to have a relaxed dinner. Glen and I had leftovers, and I thought I would cook cheese omlettes for the girls, who were watching their Monday movie. Every now and then I get these crazy evil streaks - this time it was to give the girls green eggs. I ran the idea past Glen, as I know that if I were to give him anything like that he just wouldn't eat it, but he thought it was a great idea and improved on it, by adding that I should give it to them in the the room was dark due to the movie, and then, when they were half way, turn on the lights and see their reaction...

Amanda was like, "Hey! My eggs are green....and so are yours Rachel." Rachel's face dropped in disgust, while Glen acted shocked, and I was giggling around the corner. Then I came in and said, "Sorry girls, the eggs were a bit off, but don't worry, I am sure they won't make you sick, they taste okay don't they?" Rachel's face just got more and more disgusted and shocked...and then Glen and I both packed up laughing and told the girls that I had put food coloring in. All in all a good harmless prank to play on your children!


Craig Martin said...

Oh, I just love it! I have to use it as well. Way too tempting.

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