Fun in the shade

The title of this post could have been 'Fun in the Sun' but how unlike me that would be - I HATE being in the sun, and avoid it at all costs. So we spent the better part of yesterday outside in the shade enjoying a lovely afternoon as a family - and of course we had a braai - which we have decided we really should do more often!

Eden was cute playing peek-a-boo with my hat...

Rachel thought that being under the trampoline would be a good spot for her to veg, and as she got under there her hair stood right up...of course she grabbed the opportunity to pull funny faces...these are just two of them.

Glen involved the girls in the braaiing this time - he got them to turn the chicken rotisary style, which they did very carefully...well done girls!

This is the only picture I got of Amanda the whole afternoon, as she spent most of the time behind the camera, and Glen had his shirt off, which is not for family viewing.


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