Waking up to a nightmare!!!

Just picture it - 3am in the morning, I get up to tend to Eden, and as I open my bedroom door I see this huge bug crawling into our room. Seeing the sheer size of it I panic and wake Glen up, who can't see much because he doesn't have his glasses on. Anyway, this thing had crawled into his jersey which was on the floor acting as a doorstop. He recognized it as a PARKTOWN PRAWN!!! Thankfully Glen knows how to kill them and sent me to the kitchen to get a jug of soapy water. When I got back to the bedroom Glen had is jersey in his hands trying to shake it out, as he couldn't see where it went and thought it might have crawled into the sleeve, all the while he was telling me not to scream when I see it. All of a sudden it was there, right by his hand - we both saw it at the same time, but due to the fact that it was so close to his hand and caught him so off guard, he was the one who screamed. "AARRGGGHHH!!!" He dropped the jersey, grabbed the soapy water, threw it on the monster and then it disappeared under our bed. How on earth were we going to get it out, and how could we go to sleep knowing it was there - this started the search for the hideous creature. I heard it jump under the bed, and then there was silence. After about 10 minutes of holding my breath, Glen found it behind my side table - dead as a doorknob! Glen graciously disposed of it, but flushing it down the toilet!

So there you go - how do you kill a parktown prawn? Simply throw a jug of soapy water onto it, and in a few hops and jumps it simply keels over dead!


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