Catch up

Once again blogging has not been my priority, and even now I am just giving you a quick run-down of the past weeks, well at least that which we have pictures of - the other stuff I can't remember, and so well, here is what I have.

Glen went away on a fraternal last week from Monday to Wednesday. Stacey spent those few days at my house and we made brownie pops and laughed a lot! Glen was blessed at the fraternal and came back encouraged and challenged.

The girls got new bikes and helmets for their birthdays. They were given them early so that they could enjoy them on their holiday, which was also last week.

Here Amanda is on her birthday blowing out her 9 candles. I can't believe that she will be 10 next year!! This time has just flown and the thought of her possibly leaving and starting her own family in the next 10 years just scares me - but for now I am going to continue building into her life those things which God has entrusted to me, and trust Him to continue the work He has begun in her. I am enjoying seeing God moulding and shaping her into His likeness as she grows in godly character, and I long to see her become the Proverbs 31 woman God wants her to be. We love you so much Amanda!!!

With the girls' birthday money which they got from their Granny Sheri and Grandpa Mike the girls bought a swimming pool, which they are thoroughly enjoying. What a blessing to be able to cool off in this heat. Eden just loves the water and is happiest when she is in it(hot or cold). Also, just for the sake of keeping up with the latest news on her, she has been crawling for a few weeks now, and so has taken our parenting of her to a whole new level. Thankfully she is a very obedient little girl. When we have told her not to touch something it is so cute to see that little finger pointing to it and her repeating 'No no'. So even her talking is slowly starting.

All I can say is that God never ceases to amaze me - His ways are too wonderful for me! Thank you Father for your constant blessing in our lives!


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