Little Jono

In just a few weeks little Jono will be leaving Krugersdorp with his parents Mike and Stacey. Mike has received a call from Scottsville Baptist in Pietermaritzburg and so we as a church will be losing Mike as an elder, Stacey as a member and little Jono as our personal 'guard-child'. However, even though we have lost them as a family in the church, we have personally over the past few years developed a wonderful friendship with them which I know will continue to grow in the future. We look forward to see how God will use them for His glory in this next ministry, and will continue to enjoy seeing God add to their number as a family (Lord willing). 

Mike, Stacey, Jono, we love you guys big time! May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him as a family in ministry!


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