Birthday Blessings

Rachel turned 8 on Thursday! Her excitement had her awake at 4am, tossing and turning until we came in just after 5 singing 'Happy Birthday'. Of course she pretended to be asleep and gently woken up from her slumber, but that all goes with the whole birthday thing, doesn't it?

As tradition has it, she cut her birthday cake, and we devoured it - caramel nut, DELICIOUS!!!

The arrangement this year was that the girls got most of their presents together on Amanda's birthday, and the family celebration would be on Rachel's birthday. So we planned a day at Gold Reef City, because the last time we went she was too short to go on the big rides, but now finally she has reached the required height of 1.3m.

I was really under the impression, based on Rachel's crazy personality, that she would just love these big rides, but as the day progressed I found out more and more that she doesn't actually like the thrill that much, and that the smaller, less thrilling rides were much more up her alley. She did try all the hectic ones though...

the golden loop...

the tower of terror...(if you look closely you will see Amanda's face on the right in total  terror, mine in sheer thrilling enjoyment, and Rachel with closed eyes and head bowed...poor little things...)

...the anaconda was our last ride, and that was just too much for Rachel, she definately didn't want to do that one again!

The log ride was much more up her alley.  

We all had a great time though - the girls enjoyed a dummy sucker, which in my opinion just goes with the whole Gold Reef vibe - and they all won a crazy monkey as a keep sake to remember the day.

We pray that our precious Savior would continue the work that He has begun in her and that she will continue to grow to be the girl after God's own heart that she desires to be.


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