Visit & Camp

Here's a pic of Grandpa Mike meeting his grandson for the first time - actually the oldest living Thompson in our family with the youngest Thompson...great stuff!

Friday afternoon we all set off to Groot Marico for our annual church camp. The roads were so bad on the way, with more potholes than actual road...anyway, on the way there we witnessed a taxi accident...and all stopped to help. Thankfully there was only a driver in the taxi and we were able to phone the ambulance to pick him up. He had rolled onto a train track, a few meters from the road, and so the strong, muscular men from our church (heehee) rolled the taxi off the tracks - well done guys! God really protected us on the roads and we got there safely, albeit a few hours later than expected!

Leigh Robinson was our speaker...what a joy!!!

We all had a fabulous time bonding and learning and look forward to next year!! Start saving up guys!! R5 a week and you'll also be able to sponsor someone!!!


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