January Snippets

Not aware of how many people actually read my blog, I have decided this time to keep my post very brief, and just give you a few quick snippets of this month which has literally flown past...
...we started off with a beautiful wedding in Knysna, where two of our very good friends, Patric and Lyndall tied the knot. It was a lovely, family-filled, Christ exalted celebration, and we were priviledged to be a part of it!

We also spent some time on the lagoon beach, as we were staying on Leisure Island. The kids loved the shallow water, and I...well I did put my toes in a few times :-)

We also had our first visit at Aunty Barby's house. She is Glen's dad's sister. We have really enjoyed picking her brain as she is a Latin boff, and with us starting up Latin this year, Glen in particular was seeing what he could learn from her.

We also visited with Glen's Dad and step mom, but sadly didn't have our camera with. There we also enjoyed celebrating their birthdays with them.

This last Sunday, our first Sunday back at church after our holiday, we were blessed to witness Rogan going through the waters of baptism. The service was really special, with his grandad reading Scripture to him and encouraging him to continue walking with God, and his granny praying for him to become a godly young man, husband and father one day, with Glen preaching a solid gospel message directed at Rogan in particular, and then having his uncle Jacques baptize him. What a blessing!

...and then, just a side note, the girls have started their new curriculum this last week called 'Tapestry of Grace', which they are really enjoying...here you can see them creating their own country, which had to include many different landforms...what fun!

Anyway, all in all it's been a really busy January, but we are looking very forward to what God has in store for us for the rest of the year.

P.S. I'll try and blog more regularly...no promises :-)


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