Fear Factor

What do worms, fish, chilli, concentrate, baby purity, onions and dog food have in common? They were all items to be swallowed on our Fear Factor evening last Friday. Yuk!!!

Mopani worms eaten by Zani and Kevin - Kevin was the winner!

Ria eating chillie pilchards

Rachel waiting in terror to touch the next gross thing...

Vince playing the fool...how he got that smelly bone so close to his nose is a mystery to me!

Silvana up against Rachelle eating prune purity...Silvana owned this one!

John and Jeremy hat to eat the hottest Biltong in Krugersdorp

Real dog food

Emiel lapping up the dog food...Leah, his daughter on the left can't believe her dad would do that!

All I had to do was drink a glass of pure ginger beer flavoured concentrate - hectic!

Tuna with butternut purity

Vince desperately trying not to taste his most hated food...ONION

All in good fun hey? What an evening full of laughs! To top it off for me, Rachel even tried a Mopani worm at the end of the evening...crazy girl!


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