Family time

One of our favourite things to do as a family is have a braai outside. We usually spoil ourselves with a few packets of crisps and my famous dip while the fire is getting ready to cook on...mmmm....I am embarrassed to say that we literally pile around the little table and consume them like vultures...
(We don't eat potatoes often, so when we do get the chance to eat any form of a potato it's gone sooner than anyone can say 'Starch!')
Rachel is unhappy because her little brother just got dip all over her pants...he is happy because he got dip all over her pants!

My little princess

My little thug

My beautiful girls


My big girl and her daddy
Monkey Manda

Jude enjoying the slide

Look Daddy, I found a snake :-)
The chip eating is then followed with fun time outside, and then we eat whatever it is we have cooked...this time - hamburgers (with the bun - another luxury in our family :-))


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