Dormant??? No way!!!

Eventually I have had a little time to catch you all up as to what's happening in our lives. This year has been an extremely trying year for us, as we have been through almost every stressful change you can imagine...Glen changed ministries, I started working part-time, the kids started school, we moved and on top of all of that, we found out that we are yet again expecting another little one. This pregnancy is going well so far, and I am currently 17 weeks along...all praise to our wonderful God - who's timing is of course perfect!

I don't have more to report than that...just some pics to share...enjoy!

Jude is getting so big! little beautiful!

Jono and Eden playing basketball

My big helpers

Their latest treat - chocolate fondue

My beautiful precious Eden

Rachel - finally with her own beautiful smile (no pout)

My big girl!

The Lord has blessed us so much, and has brought us through this difficult, yet thrilling time...we can only give Him the glory for keeping us. Thank you Lord!


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