Braai, braai, braai!

Today has been a wonderful day. Although it is very typical of every Wednesday, it has been a great one. We started off with the typical school day. Amanda is really a breeze at the moment, because she reads her own instructions and really gets on with her work. She only really needs me to read to or to ask about something she doesn't understand, or for her actual lesson time. She is really doing well and we are very proud of her. Besides her school work we are very excited about her spiritual growth. It's wonderful to see how God is working in her little heart. How she voluntarily gives up her things so that Rachel can benefit. Also, she is very excited about Christ's return, and has a real heart for the lost. It is wonderful to see your children serving the Lord. Rachel is so very cute, I am really enjoying her. She is so a really great way. She seems to be extremely artistic. She loves being creative with her colors and patterns, and she loves drawing and then coloring in her own pictures. Even though she is often on her own little wave length, I have discovered that once she has tuned in to what she needs to do, she is actually quite academic as well. She is doing well with her maths. She is very excited about learning to read next year, and so she is working really hard at trying to get her letters right. She has most of them waxed, but it seems as though she really doesn't like making mistakes, and so when she doesn't know the answer she totally freezes up, as apposed to trying. Anyway, we are taking it slowly with her, and I am praying for patience. I have to keep reminding myself that she is still very small. Her puzzle building skills are excellent and she really enjoys building them over and over.

The kids are really enjoying their ballet lessons, and are practising a dance for a concert in November. Unfortunately they won't be able to attend the concert as we will be on holiday during that week, but they are enjoying being part of the excitement of it all.

We had a swimming lesson today, and they are also really coming on. Amanda has moved onto the second level, so she is doing 'big wheels'. She really enjoys her swimming a lot and is excited about our holiday to Jo'burg where she will be able to play in the pool with her friends. Rachel tries to get out of swimming every now and then. She has realised that it can't just be a time of playing, but rather that she actually needs to do what the teacher says. She enjoys just doing her own thing, and singing and playing with the noodle.

Anyway, when I came home, Glen has surprised us with having prepared a braai for us. What a treat we had. I think that we have had 3 braais in the last 2 weeks. We have been blessed. We have realised that you can have a really great braai with only a few things. Glen made his famous chicken marinade and so we had a wonderful 'special time' treat. Amanda and I coloured in pictures, while Rachel sang songs to Glen while he braaied.

God has really blessed us with such a wonderful family. We are really blessed to enjoy each other's company so much!


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