Hello to you all!

After reading our friends entries on their blog, I decided that even if I only have an entry once a week it would be worth it to have this kind of 'diary' which others could also enjoy and which could be a fond memory and something to look back to in years to come.

Today was a wonderful day off for us. We had a lovely long sleep this morning. The girls were up at 5:30 but they played and let us sleep until 7:00 which was great. We then just had a relaxing day. We went to the shops, not for anything specific, but it's nice to have something to do. So we just got some post, and walked around Greenacres a bit. We then came home and watched a movie with the girls, very relaxing. So relaxing in fact that Glen fell asleep in front of the TV. I guess that's what a day off is all about. We then decided to have a humble braai. So we slapped some chicken sausages on the grid, and actually had a wonderful time. Eventhough the weather was not that great, it was nice just to enjoy watching the kids play outside, and sing some songs and relax with a glass of wine, and a warm fire.

So nothing exciting has happened, but it has been a lovely day. Tonight we have taken out the 'Famous 5' movies, so we are in for some action tonight...I hope.


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