Flour Power

I have really really been slacking on my blog lately, and again, there is no real excuse, I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. I did manage to take some pics last week Friday night at our Sunday School games evening.

We had a really good turn out at this event, which was a real joy to us, so we had two large groups of kids (and adults) enjoying the simple kiddy games together. We did the usual egg and spoon race, the catch the apple with your teeth while it's floating in a bucket of water and then stick your face in flour game, a three legged race, tug of war, a crazy eating game, a treasure hunt...the works - it was great fun!

It really is great as a church family to just play together! We did have a devotional time, where Jacques M shared the gospel with the kids, and Glen did some easy kiddies songs for the singing time, and all of this happened under the African starry sky - praise the Lord!


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