Play time cupcakes

This baking time was almost forced upon me, not in an ugly way, but anyway, Glen decided it would be nice for the girls to bake these sometime and so popped them into the shopping trolley on Monday. Of course it was expected that I make them with the girls, and before I sound like a really bad mother, I was actually really happy that he bought it, the baking mom thing really doesn't come naturally, but I must say that when I am into it I do enjoy it - even if it is the easy baking route from a box.

We decided this morning to take a little holiday as we have finished 8 weeks of school and the whole family is down with the flu, and so I thought it better to just take a break and rather have a longer term next today was the first day of our holiday, much to the girl's delight. What better way to celebrate than with party cupcakes, and of course the fun of making them.

In my opionion the cupcakes were toooo sweet, but at least they looked nice, and the girls enjoyed eating them and sharing them out with the YFL'ers and others. Maybe next time we'll make some from scratch!


Jacqui Cunningham said...

We were also baking cup cakes! Next time when you decide to start from scratch, try my recipe!
Love Jax

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