You know...UNO!

Yesterday afternoon we had a great time with Glen's dad and stepmom. They came over after lunch and spent the afternoon with us, playing games and chatting. Of course they spoiled the girls with easter eggs and little gifts - like grandparents often do! And then after an afternoon of fun we shared a meal together, which Pinky prepared, it was a simple dish, but most delicious!

Sherilee-ann even let the girls pamper her...

or is it torture? I guess that depends on how you look at it :-)

Sugar, as usual had to be part of the gathering, and as is custom these days gathered at our feet. (Usually he would be gathered on your shoes)

As you can see UNO was the game for the girls for the afternoon, and politics and other 'interesting' coversation was the boy's entertainment for the day.

A blessed family get-together, with good company, good food, and good mood!


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