Easter Fellowship

Krugersdorp Baptist Church has a wonderful tradition on Easter Sunday namely a sunrise service at 6am. I was surprised to see about 40 committed Christians coming together to listen to God's Word and see the sun rise in the cold...although it wasn't really that cold at all. This wonderfully exillerating time outside is then followed by a hearty breakfast together in the church, which the Year for Lifers prepared with some help from some other ladies in the church. After that people left to go back home to get ready for the normal 10 o 'clock service. It was really a wonderful morning of meditation, challenge and fellowship.

We then had the Krause family over for lunch and then a spontaneous supper, as they only left late into the evening - good fellowship is just so addictive.

Zani was so excellent with the girls, and kept them busy pretty much the whole day and even got them ready for bed - she sure will be a good mom one day! Thanks Zani!


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