Marshmallows & Melodrama

Yesterday was granny time again, and this time, as the girls' little tapestries are finished, the decided fun activity was making their own marshmallows. This was the first time that I ever saw anyone making these and so it was extremely interesting for me. This recipe has now been passed from generation to generation, and I am sure that the girls will make these often, because not only are they soooo easy to make, but they are much tastier than store-bought ones.

Don't forget the coconut flakes in your recipe and Granny Zan did, and also don't forget to roast them in your oven, and then to let the coconut cool before rolling the marshmallows in it. I didn't take a photo of the finished product, and when I thought to, they were all gone - so I'll be sure to make it again soon so that I can show you how lovely they look - or you could just make it yourself and see...enjoy!

After Granny-time, the girls had Junior Youth, which has started up now that the schools are back, and Rachel came back an hour early crying her little heart out as she had been pulled along the church floor and got a carpet burn - shame it really wasn't very pleasant, but for my budding little actress this was the perfect opportunity to make the most of the attention.

Thankfully she is feeling much better today! I always find it amazing how quickly the body heals - we serve such an awesome, all-wise, all-knowing, caring God!


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