This Friday's 'granny time' was taken up with a cool mosaic craft. It was quite a simple craft for the girls this time, where all it really involved was matching coloured squares with numbers and stick it on the already prepared picture. The girls loved this craft and the end result was very rewarding.

My mom really finds the cutest crafts - the girls really can't wait to see what will be next! Usually we are more involved in helping the girls, but this time we enjoyed drinking our tea and just chatting while the girls were busy. Later on in the afternoon I employed my mom's services to help me get my invitations ready for my 30th...I'll add a post on that on a future date.

Rachel's finished product - (notice the spelling of here memory verse, which they have to learn for junior youth).

Amanda's finished product. She came up with the idea to write their weekly memory verses on their boards...which I think was a fabulous use of this craft!


Michelle Jamie said...

This is really great, where did she get them from?

Good luck with planning your 30th I had fun planning mine a few years hubbies is in April!

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