You're my Superhero!

We had our first Sunday School hosted fun evening last night, where we had to dress up as our favorite superhero character, or a made up character. Since we didn't actually have any proper costumes, we opted to make up our own characters:

Amanda was 'Rainbow Promise' and her super power was that she could see 'Mr. Invisible' through her umbrella, and she also proclaims to 'baddies' that God always sees what they do, and then they would repent and become good.

By the way, the boy in the background over there is Aaron - Nick and Lynn and the boys came over just for the night, for another 'maybe last visit' as they have been delayed here in S.A. still awaiting their visas. We don't always know what God is doing...but we know that He is doing. We are just glad to be able to spend more time with them before they go.

Rachel was 'Super Grace'. She can turn into a dangerous falcon (although she kept calling it an eagle). She could unfreeze people with her powers and set them free. (Of course they would first need to be frozen by a 'baddy' to be set free.)

Here we have from left to right - Wolverine, Cookie Monster, Joker, Flash and Random Guy. The Joker won the prize for the best character all round.

A truly fun-filled evening, where Mike shared a challenge about whether we believe that Jesus is our superhero, and also shared with the children how the Holy Spirit which is at work in believers works in us to be 'un-natural'.
Well done Sunday School, we had a blessed time!

As usual, Glen and Nick stayed up until all hours of the morning doing what only they can do the way they do it...grapple and grapple and grapple...


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