I would like to introduce you to 'Bob'. Yip, you guessed it, it's not any of the young men, it's the push car. He has been part of Krugersdorp Baptist since 1999, and so is celebrating it's 11th birthday this year. Apparently Bob used to be longer, but a few years back they shortened him to make him easier to move around the corners, and also lighter, as he is extremely heavy. Once a year the youth of the Westrand get together for a push car race - last year Krugersdorp came third. This year however the youth have been training hard to get into shape, I think they want to go for gold this year.

Here are the three young men who have repainted and fixed Bob up for this year's race - Jason, Steve and Vince - they are also three of the four 'Year-for-life'ers.

Somehow they convinced Glen to get in the thing so while they pushed it down the road...I must say that I was quite nervous seeing the speed they went down the road, knowing that it doesn't have it's own breaks, and also knowing how heavy it is...if one of them were to let go on a down-hill, that would just be the end...anyway, I kept quiet, and said a silent prayer, and waited for them to return...which they did, thankfully!

As you can see, Glen enjoyed himself, but I am not too sure if he would be so easily convinced to go again.

The push car race is on Friday the 5th of March - I will let you know how Krugersdorp does this year!


Debbie said...

Yihaa! Go Krugersdorp:)

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