Pupa to butterfly


Rachel found two butterfly pupas outside a few days ago, which she decided she was going to observe to see what happens...one of them got squashed by her sister (by accident). This morning while they were playing in their snack time, they happened to look inside the container that the pupa was being kept, and found that there was a little butterfly trying to stretch out it's wings. Rachel, as you can imagine, was so excited to show us her new little baby. I don't really know if it will survive, as it looks so frail and helpless, but Rachel is quite sure that with her loving care it will make it. I don't know where Rachel got this incredible intrest in bugs and things, but even though I wouldn't touch them, I do encourage her to pick them up and observe them. I just love it that she enjoys finding out more about God's creatures...Amanda by the way, enjoys learning about them and observing them as well, but is more anxious about actually touching them...


Michelle Jamie said...

That was really cool!!

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