Great catch!

Yesterday, while we were all enjoying the beautiful lavender bush in our garden crowded by little butterflies, I came accross this little guy who I had seen a few days before, and warned the girls to stay away from, but this time he had caught his dinner...I had to try out my new found feature on my camera, which Lynn had shown me, and I thought it would make a great picture...and I must say, I was thrilled to see how it had turned out.

The little spider had caught a bee, and the bee was filled with little 'miggies' or flies. Really cool. The spider, as I have found out is called a white crab spider, and I found this cool link which actually shows the crab spider catching a bee - - Enjoy!

So from both the spider's side and mine...a great catch!


Michelle Jamie said...

This is a fantastic shot!! The video's is amazing as well. Knowing my boys they would catch one and try and put it into something. Elijah has already eaten his first bug!!

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