This morning while the girls were having their quiet times outside, Sugar tried to catch a bird...which ended up getting caught by Bonnie, and then as Rachel told us the story, 'Bonnie called Clyde to come and eat him.' So there was the little dove, caught, with no hope of escape...when (drumroll......) Rachel saved the day, for the little dove that is.

She just couldn't stand seeing this little birdie hurt, and so she took it away from them and brought it inside, very concerned that the little thing was sooo hurt. The girls proceeded to name the dove Sally, and put it in the bathroom, tried to feed it hamster food, and enjoyed putting it on their shoulder like a parrot. I decided not to intervene but to rather leave the 'problem' for Glen to sort out when he got back from his prayer walk.

When he got back he convinced the girls that it would be better for Sally to be set free, and so we prayed that God would protect 'her' and went outside. Shortly after I took a quick pic, Sally jumped off Rachel onto the ground and then flew up into a nearby tree.

It was such a wonderful experience for the girls, and they really got to see that God even cares for little righ-necked doves. I am blown away, once again, at Rachel's love for little creatures, and her lack of fear to touch and hold them. Truly a gift from the Lord!


Debbie said...

Rachel, you go girl! I am so proud of you!!! xxx

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