Cremora Tart

At our baptismal service on Sunday, we had a bring and share as usual. I must tell you that my favorite eat that was brought was, what I found out to be, a cremora tart. WOW, it was absolutely delicious. I had to find the recipe, and so I thought that I would share it, this will be a hit at any function, and it's soooo easy to make.


500g Cremora

125ml Boiling Water

TIN Condensed Milk

125ml Lemon Juice

1 Packet Tennis Biscuits, Crushed

60g Butter, Melted

Mix Cremora and boiling water and beat. Add condensed milk and beat.Add Lemon Juice and beat until thick. The mixture thickens quickly.Mix biscuits and butter, place in greased dish and pour mixture over.Refrigerate.


Buckland said...

This is one of my favorite recipes and the one thing I really miss making now that we are in NZ. I forgot to tell Lynn to bring a bottle of cremora with just for this. It is great.
It's also great to change it around sometimes and add different things. Fruit is a favorite with many but our family favorite is to grate a peppermint crisp (also not available in NZ), add most of it to the tart but leave some for sprinkling on top. We have not had a plain cremora tart in years because of how good this variation is. Enjoy!
Oh - and if you are pushed for time you can just put tennis biscuits in the bottom and along the sides of a rectangular dish and then pour the mixture on top. It works just as well.

Debbie said...

I will definitely be trying this out! How much more easier could it be?

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