Absurd Splendour

I friend of mine Megan wrote this beautiful peom, and I thought I would share it with you...with her permission of course. It's called 'Absurd Splendour'.
I stand amazed at what I see
At a Saviour's life given for me
At a cross so full of sorrows unknown
So that everlasting life I can own
His broken heart and anguished face
His sacrifice too astounding to replace
The Anointed One slain for my soul
God game His Son to pay sin's toll
To pardon and sanctify me
Upon that ancient beautiful tree
On dark Calvary He proved His love
And forgave as He looked above
As blood wept down His face
He offered overwhelming grace
Now I am guilty of a heart of death
Of taking my Saviour's last breath
My hands stained with His blood so divine
The sin and shame should be wholly mine
I will give to Him all that I am
And offer always all that I can
A debt of love and life I'll forever owe
Because of that absurd spendour so long ago
Megan Lyn Kietzmann (soon to be Mulder)
What a wonderful Savior we have! Praise Him for eternity!!!


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