No water - aarrrgggh!!!

A real big chunk of Krugersdorp has been without water since Monday afternoon...I am writing this blog on Wednesday afternoon, and the latest news is that our water will only be on tomorrow sometime....crazy huh? The girls are really starting to smell, and we're all starting to just kidding - we organized to go freshen up at a friend's place, so hopefully we will be okay until tomorrow.

We really take our lifestyle so for granted...just being able to flush your toilet is really a luxury. Thankfully Mike and Petro, our neighbors from accross the way, and also chuch friends offered for us to use their pool water to flush our toilets. So here is Jacque helping us out by fetching some water from accross the way.

Our pool water storage system in our garage...well half of it at least.

I am really looking forward to some running water again - hopefully by tomorrow.


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