Poker night

Friday night was supposed to be a games night at Chris and Tarryn's, but their little one was sick, and so it ended up being at our place. Rachelle brougt her poker set along, and so, seen as though I had never played poker, we were all quite keen to play.

Rachelle was the winner for the evening, and you can see the glee on her face as she anticipates her winnings...

and here Jacque is thinking...''My future wife is quite the gambler..."

The poker set was really cool to play with...real chips and everything! - Mine didn't last very long at I just kept betting no matter what hand I had - maybe there is some skill involved in this game after all.

Emiel was probably the most experienced player around the table, and Lisa did have some 'beginners luck', although I think that it had to do mostly with her husband whispering in her ear every now and then telling her when to play on...

and Glen...well, he was almost as bad as me in this game...I guess the Thompsons are just not meant to 'get rich quick'!
All in all a fun, innocent evening of friendly gambling.


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