Martin Snippets

We had the awesome priviledge as a family to have the Martins come and stay with us for two weeks while they were here in Johannesburg. As I am sure most of you know, they are truly some of our best friend in this world, and since they now live in Australia, this time with them was cherished - every minute!

Because of our focused time with them, taking pictures just wasn't on the priority list, even though I could have done with a few more memories of their time here...

Anyway, the first week we had a lot of tired guests as they were getting over their jet-lag, but it was very relaxing none the less and the kids enjoyed spending time with their friends, especially at the early hours of the morning - like 4:30 - HELP!!!

Lara, in all her splendour, taught Amanda and Rachel how to make a healthy fruit salad for breakfast, and so even now, a week after their departure, we are still eating fruit salad. I have even gotten Glen to eat fruits which he forgot he liked - well done Lara on being such a healthy influence!

Another highlight...or should I say 'lowlight' was that Rachel got chicknpox just before the Martins were to leave for Cape Town. After a lot of internet research we saw that there was hope that Aidan and Paige might only get it when they were back in Australia, and so at least they should be able to get on the plane back home.

Poor Rachel was very itchy, and very sad about the way she looked and was not allowed to enter into any public place, but we all went to the airport to say goodbye, but did so outside the doors...once again a very quick goodbye, where the crying was left for the ride home...oh how I am going to miss them - I can't wait for heaven where there will be no more goodbyes!


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