Pyjama Pamper Party

This year we decided to have an elite birthday party where the girls could pick only a few friends to come and sleep over and to have a real pamper treat the next morning.

We turned the lounge into the slumber room, although not much slumbering was actually done therein.

No party is complete without some yummy goodies...

After they were all bathed and pyjama'ed, we played the usual 'Pass the Parcel'. Only with this one, we said that whoever won the prize, which was a slab of chocolates, would have to share it with the others, so they chose to eat it while they were being pampered the next day.

We then had some 'musical statues', which is of course always fun, especially when you have bouncy mattresses under your feet.

A game of Kids 30 Seconds was next on the agenda...

After we thought that we had tired them out quite a lot, we got them to brush their teeth, and get into bed and get ready for the movie, where they could enjoy their snacks, which I must add, didn't even last 10 minutes. I think they eventually got to bed at aroudn 11pm - to my knowledge that is...

The next day the real fun began. They started out with a healthy fruit salad breakfast with yoghurt, nuts and honey....delicious - thanks Lara for your wonderful inspiration! Due to the terrible disaster we had with the face mask a few weeks ago, I made up a lovely avo face mask - 1 avo, 1 tbsp yoghurt, 1 tbsp honey...just lovely...

I didn't get loads of pics of them getting their nails done, as I was very busy taking old nail polish off, soaking hands, filing nails, painting nails, and massaging hands to get clicking as well...thankfully my friend Lisa who had also stayed over the night before helped with all those nails...thank you SOOOO much!

My other friend Yanina came to join us in the morning for the pampering part, as she is just so good with this kind of stuff, and I must say that if it wasn't for her, this party would have been a real flop. She was such a blessing! After showing the girls how to clean their faces after the mask, she preceded to lovingly spoil their feet...she had rose petals, bubbles, exfoliating cream, nail polish...the works!

Ahhh...the final product...happy girls!

Yanina, Lisa and I on the other hand were completely exhausted and needed some of our own pampering...which didn't happen.
I must say that a few days later my beautiful girls did treat me to a back rub and a relaxing foot massage...what a spoil!

All in all a successful party!


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